About Me

I am a qualified Nutrition Specialist which includes Nutrition & Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport & Exercise advisor. I have also studied Client Psychology and Motivation techniques. I have a high personal level of motivation and interest around healthy eating and regular exercise. I am similarly very eager to ensure friends and family adapt to healthier lifestyles too, much to their irritation! I obtain great satisfaction from working with individuals on a one to one basis and helping them make small but sustainable changes to their diet, lifestyle and exercise routines that truly do make a difference.

I am keen to support the whole family to follow a healthy eating regime and adopt a healthy lifestyle from child to adolescent to parent. In today's modern life a typical day is crammed with many tasks and time is often limited. I am happy and keen to work with a family to make healthy living as simple as possible.

A recent survey indicates that 48% of adults say they have gained weight during the periods of lockdown...no need to beat yourself up if you are one of these. It has been a time of heightened stress and it is still important to have 'self compassion'.....I can help you get back to that healthy lifestyle you once had!

Latest figures from National Child Measurement Programme in England show that almost a THIRD of 10-11 year olds and over a FIFTH of 4-5 year olds are over weight or obese.......... so learning good habits at an early age ensure we last into old age!

I offer a range of services, starting with a one off diet review to assess your overall nutritional balance, to a full 8 week programme to encourage weight loss or simply improve your diet and health, all on an individual tailored basis. Also sports nutrition advice for general training or specific event preparation.

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