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Welcome to Durham Nutrition Advice

  • Would you like to get back on track to a more healthy lifestyle, have a nutritionally balanced diet and lose/gain weight as a result ?
  • Have you a special event approaching later this year that has been delayed due to recent restrictions - wedding/family gathering/activity holiday and need to look and feel at your best?
  • Is your child reaching their potential in their learning, sport and leisure activities? Short term hunger and an imbalance in nutritional requirements can be a barrier to learning and development...

I offer advice, guidance and support in Nutrition & Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport & Exercise.

  • One-to-one consultation to provide guidance and support to ensure your daily diet provides you with an optimal balance of all essential nutrients and sufficient energy tailored to your own activity levels and lifestyle.
  • For structured and achievable weight management advice I use simple body measurements, collation of information and open and honest discussion to analyse your dietary intake. Considering your weight, height and activity levels, we can agree a programme of eating to achieve weight loss and maintainable lifestyle changes without needing to follow 'fad' diets. This will focus on the ideal nutritional balance as recommended by the Food Standards Agency.
  • Are there external factors influencing when you eat, how you eat and what you eat? If so, then I can help you find ways of dealing with these as well as maintaining a healthy diet or improving your diet and achieving weight loss/gain if required.
  • Are you a sporty person who wishes to increase your general performance, or are you training to compete in a specific event, The Great North Run maybe, or a long distance cycle ride and need to ensure your energy intake is sufficient and has the correct nutritional balance? 
  • Would you like to reduce your risk and/or your children's risk of
    • developing heart disease
    • premature death
    • developing high cholesterol level
    • developing type 2 diabetes
  • and improve your/their psychological well-being and build and maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints
  • Are you concerned about your child/children's nutritional balance or long term health?

If any of the above are of interest to you please get in touch. Due to current restrictions all face to face consultations will be taken online...from the comfort of your home :)


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